Tyler Grady
Biographical information
Full name Beaumont Tyler Grady
Born May 27, 1974; Bluefield, West Virginia
Physical description
Gender male
Hair color dark brown[1]
Eye color hazel[1]
Mother Mara Grady
Father Earl Grady
Sibling(s) Deuce Grady (brother)
Spouse(s) Zane Garrett (husband)
Other family Chester Grady (grandfather)

Emma Grady (cousin)
Cooper Grady (cousin)
Olivia Grady (sister-in-law)
Amelia Grady (niece)

Career information
Affiliation(s) United States Marine Corps (formerly)

Federal Bureau of Investigations (formerly)
Central Intelligence Agency
Brick & Mortar Books

Previous position field agent, FBI Baltimore Field Office
Position CIA handler
Beaumont Tyler Grady was born May 27, 1974 in Bluefield, West Virginia. (Alias: Sam Hill).


He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 18. Eventually he became a Marine Force Recon and gained command of Team Sidewinder with the rank of Staff Sergeant. He and his team was discharged in 2002.

In 2003, at the urging of family friend Richard Burns he and his Sidewinder teammate Elias Sanchez join the Federal Bureau of Investigation and both became Special Agents. Grady is suspected of being involved with unsanctioned operations, but to date no proof has surfaced.

In 2008, he was partnered with Special Agent Zane Garrett to aid in the cature of a serial killer in New York, after the lead agent on the investigation, Grady's friend Sanchez, was murdered.




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Notes and referencesEdit

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