Nick O'Flaherty
Biographical information
Full name Nicholas O'Flaherty[1]
Physical description
Gender male
Hair color strawberry-blonde[2]
Eye color ivygreen [2]
Father Patrick Whelan (biological)

Brian O'Flaherty (adoptive) (deceased)

Sibling(s) Alana O'Flaherty (half-sister)

Erin O'Flaherty (half-sister)
Kathrine O'Flaherty (half-sister)
Nessa O'Flaherty (half-sister)
Patrick Whelan (half-brother) (deceased)

Spouse(s) Kelly Abbott (fiance)
Other family Patrick O'Flaherty (nepew)
Career information
Affiliation(s) United States Marine Corps (formerly)

Boston Police Department (formerly)

Previous position Master Sergeant, USMC
Final position dectective, Robbery/Homicide

Nicolas "Nick" O'Flaherty was a member of Team Sidewinder and later a homicide detective in the Boston Police Department.


Legally, he was born in Boston as the first son of police officer Brian O'Flaherty, however his biological father was notorious modster Patrick Whelan.[3]

Nick and his sisters had a tramatic childhood thanks to their alcoholic and abusive father. In his teenage years, he was aproached by Whelan who tried to care for him and draw him into organised crime. Nick did his best to protect his siblings, but as eventually he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to escape his family life and the Irish mob.[4]

On the bus to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, he befriended and fell in love with fellow recruit Tyler Grady. They went trough boop camp together, and eventually they both became Force Recon, serving on the same team, Sidewinder.[5]




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